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10 years of Kingsday

The celebration of a beloved Dutch holiday

About King’s Day

King’s Day is the day on which the birthday of Dutch King Willem-Alexander is celebrated. The whole day, there are several festivities and the Dutch Royal Family pays a visit to a city to join the activities. King’s Day is inseparable linked to the Netherlands and has been added to the Inventory of the Netherlands by the Royal Association of Orange Societies. King’s Day 2023 will take place in Rotterdam.

King’s Day history

King’s Day will be celebrated for the 10th time in 2023, but this day has been around for much longer. In 1902, the first Queensday was celebrated in honor of Queen Wilhelmina. With Queens Juliana and Beatrix, the day grew out to be a National holiday in the Netherlands. With the accession of King Willem-Alexander, the name changed to King’s Day, but the idea behind it remained the same.

Intangible Heritage of The Netherlands

Intangible Heritage includes all cultural expressions that provide a sense of identity and continuity. This living form of heritage, including King’s Day, is listed in the Inventory of Intangible Heritage of The Netherlands. In this way, intangible heritage is made more visible.