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Celebrate 250 Years of Circus Culture!

With a very special design made out of sand!

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  • Discover Circus Culture

    In the Netherlands, circus culture was added to the Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012. Every year, the Royal Dutch Mint releases an issue in the series “Intangible Culture Heritage in the Netherlands”. On this page, you can discover the history of circus culture, and dive into the circus culture in the Netherlands and in Monaco.
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  • Watch the Video

    The issue in honour of circus culture was created in sand. The process and the result are both breathtaking. Watch our impressive video to see how the beautiful design of the famous Dutch Sand Artist pays tribute to circus culture.
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  • A Word from the Designer

    Sand Artist Gert van der Vijver tells the most beautiful stories with the help of sand. For the issue in honour of 250 years of circus culture, Van der Vijver created a special design which highlights several aspects of circus culture. Read more about the artist and the spectacular design of the issue here.
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