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35 Years of ERASMUS programme 2 Euro 2022 Proof Quality

35 Years of ERASMUS programme 2 Euro 2022 Proof Quality
  • First Dutch two euro commemorative coin since 2015
  • Delivered in unique packaging
  • Including numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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In 2022 we are celebrating 35 years of the ERASMUS programme, which was set up by the European Union. The programme already gave millions of students in Europe the opportunity to go on exchange. In honor of the 35th anniversary the Royal Dutch Mint is minting a 2 euro commemorative coin in Proof-quality, the first one since 2015. Every European country is allowed to issue two commemorative 2 euro coins in one year, dedicated to a special theme or historic event. It has been 7 years since the last Dutch commemorative 2 euro coin was issued.
The design
The 35 years ERASMUS programme 2 euro commemorative coin in Proof-quality was designed by Joaquin Jimenez, designer with Monnaie de Paris. On the front of the coin you can find the profile of Erasmus, inspired by a portrait from painter Hans Holbein, who also lived in the 15th century. The portrait of Erasmus is surrounded by the years 1987 – 2022 and the text ‘ERASMUS programme’ In the middle you can find the landmark ‘NL’ and just beneath, under the end of the pen Erasmus is holding, the initials of the designer are shown. In the tracery on the left side you can discover the number 35: this stands for the 35 years in which the programme has organized many exchanges between European students. On the bottom the mintmark of the mercury staff is shown, next to the privy mark of the raven.
The ERASMUS programme
The ERASMUS programme was founded in 1987 by the European Union. The name ERASMUS is an acronym for European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. The programme gives students across Europe the opportunity to go on exchange to different schools. The name for the programme is also inspired by Erasmus Desiderius, a humanist and critic mind from the 15th century. Especially good education and good upbringing were very important to Erasmus. He believed a better world would start with the youth: a good base for the youth would make for a more genuine society.

Article number 0114265
Metal Cupronickel / Brass
Weight 8.50 g
Diameter 25.75 mm
Quality Proof
Nominal value 2 euro
Mintage 2,500