85 years of Superman Silver Prooflike

85 years of Superman Silver Prooflike

85 years of superman silver prooflike - Royal Dutch mint

  • Celebrate the 85th anniversary of the most famous super hero in the world
  • With colored logo, handcrafted by the silversmiths of the Royal Dutch Mint atelier
  • Unique asset to your collection: medal in special size of 45 mm
  • Officially licensed issue
  • Only 85 pieces available!
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The producer of Dutch coins for more than 450 years

Certified Member of Thuiswinkel Waarborg

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In April of this year, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. In a century, many iconic films and film figures have seen the light. One of these iconic film figures is Superman. This super hero is 85 years old in 2023. Superman, the alter ego of Clark Kent, is a world famous DC Super Hero. His first stories could be read in the American Action Comics from 1938. The Royal Dutch Mint shares in this celebration and launches a very special issue: the 85 years of Superman Silver Prooflike.
Recognizable hero
From his blue uniform to his flowing red cape and the ‘S’ shield on his chest: Superman is one of the most immediately recognizable and beloved DC Super Heroes of all time. The Man of Steel is the ultimate symbol of truth, justice and hope. He is the world’s first Super Hero. Superman has spent the last eight five years redefining what it means to stand for truth and justice. The last survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, raised in the quiet heartland of Smallville, Kansas, Superman is as much a legend as he is a man: the gold standard of heroism, compassion and responsibility. He always strives to represent the inherent goodness of the human spirit.
The 85 years of Superman Silver Prooflike is a special issue. Especially for this jubilee, the Royal Dutch Mint launches an issue that uses cold-enamel. This is a technique that requires no heat. On the obverse of the coin you can find the well-known Superman logo in color. This is handcrafted by the silversmiths at the Royal Dutch Mint atelier. The mintmark and privy mark can be found at the bottom. On the reverse is the image of Clark Kent, who opens his jacket, which makes the Superman logo on his chest appear. On the side, the text ’85 years of Superman’ is visible.

More Information
Article number 0117888
Metal Silver
Content 999/1000
Weight 2 troy ounce (62,2 g)
Diameter 45 mm
Edge serrated
Quality Antique
Mintage 85