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Aruba 5 Florin “Blenchi” 2020 Silver Proof

Aruba 5 Florin “Blenchi” 2020 Silver Proof
Aruba commemorative coin with the extraordinary hummingbird
  • Silver Aruban commemorative coin in Proof quality
  • Manually printed in colour
  • Following the Prikichi (2017), Soldachi (2018) and Turtuga (2019) commemorative coins
  • In luxury case with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Only 550 pieces available at the Royal Dutch Mint!
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A brightly coloured hummingbird steals the show on the Aruban commemorative coin of 2020. The hummingbird is known as “Blenchi” in Papiamento. This special bird found in Aruba is often mistaken for a bumblebee or other insect before it is identified as a hummingbird. Its wings can make 80 beats per minute, producing a buzzing, insectlike sound. The hummingbird can usually be discovered hovering near flowers. It uses its narrow beak to drink nectar, its main food source, straight out of the flower’s calyx. Due to its extraordinary fast wing-strokes and its tiny size (the hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world!), it is able to hold the perfect position to take a sip. There are over 300 different kinds of hummingbirds, some of which are found on Aruba. Add this very special coloured commemorative coin to your collection today!

The Blenchi follows the commemorative coins with the Prikichi (brown-throated parakeet), Soldachi (hermit crab) and Turtuga (green sea turtle) and is the final issue in this series.

Article number 0108856
Metal Silver
Content 925/1000
Weight 25 g
Diameter 38,0 mm
Edge lettering * DIOS * TA * CU * NOS
Quality Proof
Nominal value 5 Aruban florin
Mintage 550