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Coincard Catalog 2021

Coincard Catalog 2021
Store and categorise your coincard collection perfectly!
  • Tabs with an overview of all official issues in coincard
  • Fits in the Coincard Collection Album
  • Free Coincard Catalog 2021 with every Lucky Dime*
  • Updated and reissued every year
  • Coincard Catalog issues can be recognised by the orange icon in the image
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€ 1,50

Store and categorise your coincard collection with the Coincard Catalog 2021! The Coincard Catalog consists of tabs which show an overview of all official issues that are part of the Catalog. The Coincard Catalog 2021 shows all commemorative coins in coincard (from 2002 onwards), historical coins in coincard and medals in coincard. The Coincard Catalog is updated and reissued every year, so that your overview is always up-to-date.

The tabs perfectly fit inside the Coincard Collection Album. Make sure to also add a set of refill sheets to your shopping basket, so you can organise and store your new additions.

*Free Coincard Catalog with every Lucky Dime 2021 in Coincard. You only have to add the Lucky Dime to your shopping basket, the Coincard Catalog will follow automatically. As long as supplies last.

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