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Craft of the Diamond Cutter Medal in coincard

Craft of the Diamond Cutter Medal in coincard
Part of the series ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands’
  • Unique collaboration with GASSAN Diamonds and Royal Coster Diamonds
  • The facets of a diamond have been simulated in the center of the medal with the use of innovative techniques
  • The beautiful craft of the diamond cutter can be seen on the coincard
  • Low mintage of only 2,500 pieces
  • Part of the official Coincard Catalog 
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The rise of Amsterdam as the City of Diamonds
The history of Amsterdam has been interwoven with diamonds for centuries. The first rise of the diamond workers is noted on November 15, 1586. In the 17th century, the Golden Age, many Jews were already working in the Amsterdam diamond processing business, but due to the persecution of Jews in Europe, more and more Jews were forced to move to the more tolerant Amsterdam. Because Jews were excluded from the guilds, they were forced to create their own professions in free trade, including diamond processing.

Discover the power of two centuries-old crafts
The craft of the diamond cutter experienced its greatest growth in the Netherlands during the Golden Age and is, nowadays, practiced in Amsterdam in two companies: Royal Coster Diamonds and GASSAN Diamonds. Because of the Dutch Rembrandt & the Golden Age theme year, the Royal Dutch Mint and Intangible Cultural Heritage have entered a partnership with GASSAN Diamonds and Royal Coster Diamonds. Together they combined the crafts of cutting diamonds and minting coins and created a special and limited issue: the Craft of the Diamond Cutter Medal. This medal is the second in the series ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands’.

The design
The obverse of the medal is based on a sharpening stone, used to cut a diamond. The center of this Cu/Ni medal is struck in a way that it appears to have a diamond in the center!

On the reverse of the coin, the logo of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands is featured, in which the Craft of Diamond Cutter was admitted in 2013.

The design comes to life, like a diamond shines, when the light plays with the different facets on the coin.

Artikelnummer 0106474
Metal Cu/Ni
Weight 15.50 gram
Diameter 33.0 mm
Edge Smooth
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage max. 2,500