Day of the Mint Set 2021

Day of the Mint Set 2021

day of the mint set 2021 - Royal Dutch mint

  • A nostalgic homage to the guilder
  • Including a unique medal, only available in this set
  • Have a chance to win one of the hundred silver medals distributed randomly throughout the circulation!
  • With all official Dutch euro coins 2021 in BU quality
  • Only 2,021 coin sets available, as long as supplies lasts!

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A Tribute to the Guilder
This year, it has been 20 years since we last paid with guilders, a time we fondly look back on! The guilder was established as legal tender in 1816, which means that we paid with this national currency for almost two centuries. Reminisce about times past with the Day of the Mint Set 2021: a tribute to the guilder!
The First Guilder of 1818
The very first guilder of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was issued in 1818 and showed the portrait of King William I. Moreover, this was the first coin with the inscription “* GOD * ZIJ * MET * ONS” (“God be with us”) engraved in the edge. The guilder was designed by designer and engraver Michaut. Since then, each new monarch has been honoured with his or her “own” guilder. The national currency was in circulation until 2002, after which the guilders were replaced with euros. Although it is no longer possible to pay with guilders, you can still exchange the guilder banknotes at De Nederlandsche Bank until at least 2032.
Unique Medal
As a special tribute to the guilder, the Day of the Mint Set 2021 comes with a unique medal. Every set contains a medal, but one hundred silver medals are randomly distributed throughout the circulation. One hundred lucky buyers will thus find the special medal in silver instead of cupronickel! The sets with the silver medal can be recognized by the sticker on the packaging.
The medal shows the very first guilder from 1818 with the portrait of King William I in a special graphic design on the obverse. Around the portrait you can see the phrases “Afscheid van de gulden” (“Farewell to the guilder”) and “20 jaar” (“20 years”). On the reverse, the first year that the guilder was issued, 1818, and the last year, 2001, are inscribed. The mint and privy mark are also depicted here. In addition to the medal, the set contains all eight Dutch euro coins from 2021 in BU quality. These will not go into circulation and are therefore only available in our coin sets.
Specifications Medal
Metal Cu/Ni (or Silver 925/1000)
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Weight 9.33 g
Diameter 30 mm
Mintage 2,021
More Information
Article number 0111543
Metal Various
Weight Divers
Diameter Divers
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Nominal value 3.88 euro
Mintage 2021