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A coin’s condition is one of the most important factors in determining its value. The higher the quality of the coin, the more it's worth. To make it easier for collectors to purchase the best quality coins, a numeric scale from 1 to 70 was developed. Coin collectors quickly embraced this scale for all coin types and it became the industry standard. The slabbed coins that are available at the Royal Dutch Mint, are graded by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Company).
What is NGC?
NGC, founded in 1987, is an independent company for the grading of coins. The company has a team of very experienced coin graders that authenticate coins and determine its grade. Afterwards, the coin is encapsulated in a secure NGC holder with a label, bearing a description of the coin and its grade. The reviews and gradings of NGC are now trusted by collectors all over the world.
Graded coins at Royal Dutch Mint
According to the numeric scale, used by NGC, there are several possible gradings. At the Royal Dutch Mint website you will find golden coins with the following gradings:
PF68 – Proof coin with a 68 grading: a very sharply struck coin with only miniscule imperfections.
PF69 – Proof coin with a 69 grading: a fully struck coin with nearly imperceptible imperfections
PF70 – Proof coin with a 70 grading (highest grading): a coin with no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification.
The coins also have a Ultra Cameo grading. Ultra Cameo only applies to Proof coins and suggests that the fields of the coin are deeply mirrored and the devices are heavily frosted for bold contrast on both sides of the coin.

To read more about the other gradings please scroll to the bottom of the page.