Dutch city gates and acces roads

Silver Ducats

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Silver Ducats: Dutch city gates and access roads series

A new series has started! The coming years, we will focus on ‘Dutch city gates and access roads’. The rich Dutch history can still be seen in many places, through old city gates. Each issue in the new series, depicts a different city gate or access road. Every province is covered, which means that there will be twelve issues in this series. Read more about Dutch city gates and access roads here. Every Silver Ducat in this series, shows a city gate or access road from one of the twelve Dutch provinces. This new series also features a new knight that can be found on all Silver Ducats. Knight Godard de Ginkell makes room for Karel van Egmond. Karel van Egmond, also known as Karel van Gelre, was the last independent feudal ruler of the Netherlands. Discover more about the new knight of the Silver Ducats. The Silver Ducats are minted on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Finance. All Silver Ducats in the series are delivered in a luxurious packaging, including a Certificate of Authenticity and a glimpse into the history of the city gate or access road in question.