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Experience the Eurovsion Song Contest

Experience the Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest has become the biggest international song competition. On a yearly basis about 200 million people from all over the globe watch Eurovision live on TV and via the internet. All countries that are a member of the European Broadcasting Union can participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. That explains why countries from outside of Europe are also allowed to take part. To celebrate the 60th edition, Australia was also allowed as contestant. This was supposed to be a one-time event, but because of their great success Australia can compete for the first place every year; they will however have to perform in the semifinals first.

Dive into history
The Eurovision Song Contest has a rich and musical history. The first edition was held at 24 May 1956 and had 7 contestants; now 41 countries compete in the semifinals and 26 countries eventually participate in the Grand Final. The Netherlands have won five times now, the latest winner being Duncan Laurence in 2019.

Many songs performed at the Eurovision Song Contest end up in the international charts. Even world famous artists became first known because of the Eurovision Song Contest. A great example is ABBA: their performance of “Waterloo” in 1974 led to their international breakthrough. Céline Dion’s European success is also due to her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. She represented Switzerland and won the first prize in 1988 with the French “Ne Parte Pas Sans Moi”. However, not only pop music led to victories; heavy stuff also did well in the past. In 2006 the Finnish rock band Lordi won with their song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. The “monstrous”  band then became famous in Europe and later also in America and in Japan.

The 65th edition!

Traditionally the winner of the previous edition hosts the next. Although the Netherlands won in 1975 with “Ding-a-dong” by Teach In, they last hosted Eurovision in 1980. Israel, the 1979-winner, decided not to host the next year because the Grand Final took place on a national day of mourning. A draw led to the Netherlands becoming the guest country of that year.

In 2019 Dunan Laurence’s “Arcade” won the Eurovision Song Contest. The Eurovision Song Contest 2020, which should have taken place on 12, 14 and 16 May in Rotterdam, has been cancelled. The uncertainty created by the spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe, and the restrictions put in place by the governments of the participating broadcasters and the Dutch authorities, means the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has taken the difficult decision that it is impossible to continue with the live event as planned. The EBU, NPO, NOS, AVROTROS and the City of Rotterdam will continue a conversation regarding the hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021.

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