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To honour 75 years of freedom since 1945
The design of the 75 years of freedom Five Euro Coin was made by Dutch artist Marijke van Warmerdam, who also designed the Aviation Commemorative Coin. 

Reverse 75 years of freedom 5 Euro Coin

For the coin that commemorates 75 years of freedom the artist searched for an image that suits the festive ambiance of liberation. The reverse of the coin shows the number “75” in the form of a jaunty ribbon, that is depicted in relief. The ribbon has a noticeable front and back side, respectively in matte and glossy finish, which suggests depth. The text “75 jaar vrijheid” on the reverse can be read in a single glance.

obverse design 75 years of freedom coin
Obverse 75 years of freedom 5 Euro Coin

Obverse 75 years of freedom 5 Euro Coin

The portrait of King Willem-Alexander on the obverse is created out of the same type of ribbon as on the reverse. The text is placed in the free spaces of the image. This creates a unity between text and image and between both sides of the coin. The result is a coin that shows depth and dynamics.

75 years of freedom 5 Euro Coin

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