Henk Schiffmacher tattoos fans in honor of his coin

Royal Dutch Mint | 7 June 2019

Today, Friday the 7th of June, Schiffmacher tattooed his ‘skull’ in the size of his medal on his lucky fans. This took place in his shop in Amsterdam! Fans with their purchased Henk Schiffmacher Medal in coincard got the Schiffmacher skull tattooed on their bodies.

Henk Schiffmacher has reached his 40 year anniversary and we want to celebrate this impressive milestone with him! The world renowned tattoo artist opened his first tattoo shop in 1979 and the rest is history. In 2017 Schiffmacher was even honoured with the title Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau. The Royal Dutch Mint and Schiffmacher have joined forces in a unique collaboration, where Schiffmacher designed the medal as well as the design on the coincard. Now you can own a real Schiffmacher without having to get a tattoo. This medal in coincard is a true eyecatcher and a must have for every artistic collector. On the 23rd of May, Schiffmacher was presented with a special gold plated version of the medal in his tattoo shop in Amsterdam.