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Herman Brood

Bring the Celebrated Artist to Your Home

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Herman Brood

Herman Brood (1946 – 2001) started his career as a musician, but could add many professions to his name. Known for his (international) hit Saturday Night, his colourful and expressive paintings and as the embodiment of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, Brood has left a lasting mark on the Dutch cultural landscape.

The Beat Goes On

The artwork The Beat Goes On is central to the Herman Brood issues of the Royal Dutch Mint. The painting shows two musicians making music, with the text “The Beat Goes On”. Even though Herman Brood is no longer alive, his legacy remains: the beat goes on.

In collaboration with VR Owl, the Royal Dutch Mint has created a special experience around the issues of Herman Brood. You can now hang exclusive works by Herman Brood in your home! Point your camera at the QR code and see what happens…