Malta 10 euro 2024 ‘Karnival ta’ Malta’ Silver Prooflike

Malta 10 euro 2024 ‘Karnival ta’ Malta’ Silver Prooflike

malta 10 euro 2024 karnival ta malta silver prooflike - Royal Dutch mint

  • Official commemorative coin for Malta Carnival
  • Unique Silver Coin with color detail
  • Comes in cheerful packaging
  • Commissioned by the Central Bank of Malta
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The Maltese Carnival is all about color, masks, costumes, music and cheer. Especially for these celebrations, the Royal Dutch Mint launches a colorful issue, commissioned by the Central Bank of Malta. The extra special Malta 10 Euro 2024 ‘Karnival ta’ Malta’ Silver Prooflike is available now!

Malta Carnival
Carnival Week in Malta is a period of joy and merriment. Although the main celebrations take place in the capital Valletta, other towns and villages have their own typical festivities. Carnival on the island of Gozo, for example, has a more macabre and funny vibe. The Malta Carnival is an important cultural event. Did you know the carnival had its origin in the city Birgu? Knights began parades and tournaments here to show their skills and have fun. Centuries later, the carnival has become a true tradition. The celebration of carnival on the Maltese islands probably goes back to the 15th century. During the 16th century, the Knights of St. John used to hold tournaments in the town of Birgu during the Carnival period. It became a popular festivity ever since.
The Malta 10 Euro 2024 ‘Karnival ta’ Malta’ Silver Prooflike is a special issue with a colored detail. On the obverse of the coin, an animated figure looks up, arms spread out. On the head is a mask, that is a referral to the use of masks during the Malta Carnival. The background consists of a Mandala-pattern: this is specially colored in rainbow colors, which makes the coin even more unique. On the bottom of the coin is the text ’10 Euro Karnival ta’ Malta’. On the reverse is the logo of the Central Bank of Malta.
More Information
Article number 0118106
Metal Silver
Content 925/1000
Weight 28,28 g
Diameter 38,61 mm
Edge serrated
Quality Antique
Nominal value 10 euros
Mintage 1.000