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Official Restrike Florin of Kampen

In honor of the Hanseatic year 2023

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2023: The Hanseatic Year - 800 years of Hanseatic Cities

This year marks the Hanseatic Year, giving extra meaning to 800 years of Hanseatic heritage.  Starting in the 13th century, seafaring merchants united to lay the foundations for what became the Hanseatic League in 1356, as a way of pursuing their common economic interests. Along the coasts of northern Europe, mainly around the Baltic Sea, at least 225 cities joined the alliance, which had an important influence on the economy, politics and trade until the late 17th century.

Official Restrike Florin of Kampen

Being good at trading is often described as the VOC mentality, however, the Hanseatic League was there much earlier! And the special trading alliance did not harm its member cities. Witness the still stately inner cities and port areas of the 22 Hanseatic towns that our country was and/or is rich in. Because of its favourable location on the IJssel, the Zuiderzee and on the route to the Rhine, Kampen always had a strong trading position. Within the Hanseatic League, Kampen flourished even further. Thus, the Silver Florin of Kampen symbolises the Hanseatic year. In honour of 800 years of Hanseatic towns, an official restrike of the Silver Florijn of Kampen will be launched.
The Silver Florijn of Kampen, was issued in the name of the German Emperor. It has a rate of 28 pennies, just like the gold guilders of the time and was thus also called Silver Gold Guilder. The large silver piece was very popular in international trade. This Silver Florijn was minted from 1616 to 1686.