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Official Restrike Guilder 2021

In robust wooden packaging from the pastoe factory
The guilder: until 2002 this was the national currency of the Netherlands. The coin therefore still has a great nostalgic value for many people. In 2021, the Royal Dutch Mint will mint silver and gold restrikes of the beloved coin. A tribute to the guilder!

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The Origin of the Guilder
The guilder has been the foundation of Dutch coinage since the 15th century. The first guilder followed the guilder (golden) Florentine from Italy and had a value of 21 “stuivers”. In 1526 it was determined that amounts must be expressed exclusively in Carolus guilders (after Emperor Charles V) of twenty “stuivers”, and thus the guilder developed into the fixed unit of account. In 1543 a silver variant is introduced for the first time. Towards the end of the seventeenth century the currency system was reformed and in 1694 the new guilder of twenty “stuivers” was introduced as a generality coin.
The Modern Guilder
From 1816 the guilder was no longer subdivided into twenty “stuivers”, but into one hundred cents. On the obverse the portrait of King William I was shown, on the reverse the crowned coat of arms of the Netherlands with the nominal value. The edge lettering read “*GOD * ZIJ * MET * ONS” (God be with us). In 1980, following the change of the monarchs, a special commemorative coin was issued with a double portrait of Juliana and Beatrix. From that moment on, the design of the coin was also drastically changed: both the obverse and reverse sides of the coins were given a modern look. In 2001 the guilder was taken out of circulation to make way for the euro and a special edition of the coin was minted in gold and silver.
Restrikes by the Royal Dutch Mint
In 2021, the Royal Dutch Mint will strike the beloved guilder again. The very first decimal guilder dating from 1818 with the portrait of King Willem I has the honour of being restruck. The coin comes in a beautiful wooden box from the pastoe factory. Have you already added the new restrikes of the guilder to your collection?