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Official Restrike Prince Dollar 2022

In honor of 450 years of The Netherlands

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1572 – 2022: Birth of The Netherlands

Den Briel, April 1st 1572. A battle cry is audible, the sound of approaching soldiers swells. Not much later, the Watergeuzen take over the city; a Spanish counter attack on April 5th fails. The rest is history: the capture of Den Briel creates the first turning point in the revolt of Willem van Oranje. Not long after, in July 1572, the first Free Congress takes place in Dordrecht. This assembly is an important act of political resistance against Filips II’s Spain. 1572 is therefore seen as the year in which The Netherlands is born.

Official Restrike Prince Dollar

Freedom, Tolerance, Connectedness, Variety: these are the four important terms which have a big role to play in the birth of The Netherlands. The values that where important in 1572 are now, 450 years later, still very accurate. Enough reason for the Royal Dutch Mint to strike a special coin. In honor of 450 years of The Netherlands, an official restrike of the Prince Dollar is being launched.
The Prince Dollar is inseparably connected to 450 years of The Netherlands. It is the only official Dutch coin that has a portrait of Willem van Oranje, the prince who evoked an uprising against the Spanish force of majority after the capture of Den Briel. Willem van Oranje is also known as Father of the Fatherland. The Prince Dollar was minted in two periods: 1583-1585 and 1591-1602.