Official Restrike: “Scheepjesschelling” 2022 Silver 2 Ounce

Official Restrike: “Scheepjesschelling” 2022 Silver 2 Ounce

Official Restrike: “Scheepjesschelling” 2022 Silver 2 Ounce

  • Unique Piedfort edition
  • In luxury packaging
  • First issue of 2021 already on sale!
  • With numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Only 250 pieces available!
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After the success of the previous restrike of the “Scheepjesschelling”, the Royal Dutch Mint is now minting this popular trade coin again! This time the Scheepjesschelling from Zeeland is being restruck, which dates from the year 1761. The silver restrikes are struck in the international units of mass 1 and 2 troy ounces. This measure of weight for precious metals is internationally known and loved: very appropriate for this former trading coin!
The “schelling” (schilling) is a Dutch currency that has known different variants. There was the “Roosschelling” (Rose shilling), the “Rijderschelling” (Rider shilling) and the “Arendschelling” (Eagle shilling). The old silver trading coin was worth six “stuivers”. The Scheepjesschelling was created in 1670 because many inferior pieces of earlier schellingen were in circulation. The Scheepjesschelling has a ship on the front and the provincial coat of arms on the reverse. With this effigy, the Republic wanted to emphasize its status as a naval power. The coin quickly became popular as an international trade currency, especially in the East.
The silver restrike of the “Scheepjesschelling” is available in double thickness, also known as “Piedfort”. Traditionally, Piedfort coins were used as a way of showing wealth and power. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, rulers across Europe started the tradition of giving “prestige pieces” to members of their court. Nowadays, Piedfort coins are real collector’s items. The silver restrike in Piedfort thickness is limited to 250 pieces worldwide, so don’t miss your chance to add this coin in double thickness to your collection!
The front of the Scheepjesschelling shows a warship with a flag on the stern and the inscription “ITA. RELINQUENDA. UT. ACCEPTA.”. This proverb can be loosely translated as “Leave it like you got it”. The reverse shows the provincial coat of arms of Zeeland and the inscription 'MON. NOV. ARGEN. ORDIN. ZELAND.”, in full MONETA NOVA ARGENTEA ORDINUM ZELAND. This means: New silver coin of Zeeland.

The silver restrike of the Scheepjesschelling comes in luxury packaging, including a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  
More Information
Article number 0112582
Metal Silver
Content 999/1000
Weight 2 troy ounce (62,2 g)
Diameter 38,7 mm
Edge Smooth
Quality Proof
Mintage 250