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Piet Mondriaan 5 Euro Coin

Celebrate 150 years of Piet Mondriaan!

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Piet Mondriaan

Piet Mondriaan is one of the most well-known Dutch artists. He was born on March 7th in 1872 and he always wanted to be an artist. His strict Calvinistic father was not so font of his sons passion. Nevertheless, Piet never let go of his dream. When he was 18 years old, Mondriaan already organized his first exhibition of his own work. In his 30s, Piet Mondriaan began to show more interest in geometric shapes. 

The designer

The Piet Mondriaan 5 Euro Coin is designed by Marjolein Rothman. Rothman was inspired by the basic principle in Mondriaan’s work: the horizontal and vertical movement. This forms the starting point in the design: this way, the power and legacy in Piet Mondriaan’s work are made clear.