Racoon – A Nickel for Goodbye in Coincard

Racoon – A Nickel for Goodbye in Coincard

racoon a nickel for goodbye in coincard - Royal Dutch mint

  • Special issue for the new, English single by Dutch band Racoon
  • Fitting copper-nickel medal in Coincard
  • With lyrics of the new song ‘Nickel For Goodbye’ on the coincard
  • With Spotify link to stream the new song!
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“Just give me a nickel for I’m sorry, a nickel for my pride. Gimme a nickel for the things I’ve done wrong in my life”. These are lyrics of the new Racoon song, that was released on August 31st. It is the first single of a brandnew album. The title of the song is a perfect fit for the Royal Dutch Mint and a medal for this song was an opportunity that had to be taken. Racoon gets their own fitting copper-nickel issue in a fitting coincard.
Racoon are a Dutch band, formed in 1997. Their first single ‘Feel Like Flying’ became a massive hit. More hits followed, like ‘Love You More’ and ‘No Mercy’. The band also started to make Dutch music, and songs like ‘Oceaan’ and ‘Het Is Al Laat Toch’ reached the Dutch music charts. Their new single Nickel For Goodbye is the first single of a new album with only English music.
Nickel For Goodbye
The new song Nickel For Goodbye is about how filthy rich and happy a person could be if they would have a nickel for every insecurity, mistake or dumb decision that has been made. Everyone experienced these moments in their lives. Racoon released music in both the English and Dutch language. Their last English album dates from 2017. In 2024, the band’s new English album will be released.
The Nickel for Goodbye in Coincard has the four members of the band portrayed on the reverse. From left to right it’s Maarten van Damme (bass guitarist), Dennis Huige (guitarist), Bart van der Weide (singer) and Paul Bukkens (drummer). On the background, semi-circles are visible. They depict the shape of a record, referring to the band’s new single. On the obverse of the coin is an R for Racoon in the middle. Around it is the name of the song ‘Nickel For Goodbye’. The design is based on the artwork of the single. Also the mint mark and privy mark are on the reverse.
The Coincard provokes the atmosphere of a concert, caused by the image of a stage with lights on the background. In the foreground, the members of the band take a pose. The outline of the foursome in the same color palette as the rest of the coincard creates a nice whole. The other side of the coincard contains the chorus of the song and a Spotify link to stream it.
More Information
Article number 0117828
Metal Cu/Ni
Weight 15,5 g
Diameter 33 mm
Edge Smooth
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage 4.000