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Richard Krajicek Wimbledon Anniversary

25 Years Since His Victory at Wimbledon 1996

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About Richard Krajicek

Richard Krajicek (6 December 1971) is a Dutch tennis player. He started playing tennis at the age of five and quit school in 1988 to focus entirely on tennis. The highlight of his career was his 1996 Wimbledon victory, the oldest and most prestigious grand slam tournament in the world. Krajicek is the only male Dutch tennis player to win Wimbledon Singles Final.


The Krajicek Foundation

After his Wimbledon victory, Richard Krajicek founded the Krajicek Foundation to motivate youth in deprived urban areas to develop a healthy lifestyle. The activities on the Krajicek Playgrounds are organised by so-called Scholars, in return for a scholarship at the Krajicek Academy. By founding the Krajicek Foundation, Krajicek has been actively contributing to a sportive, inclusive and social society for nearly 25 years.