Single Golden Ducat 2024

Single Golden Ducat 2024

single golden ducat 2024 - Royal Dutch mint

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  • Third part in the series ‘Dutch trading history’
  • Important trade coin from the Dutch Golden Age
  • Discover the silk trade in the 17th century
  • Only available to order in May, sold out after that!
  • Previous editions were very popular
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The Golden Ducats are back! The Royal Dutch Mint annually strikes the Golden Ducats, after originals from the 16th and 18th century, as commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Finance. In 2022 a new series Golden Ducats has started, in which we continue to explore the Dutch trade history. Until 2025, we will highlight a different commodity each year, that played an important role in Dutch trade history during the Golden Ducat. We continue the series with the trade in silk. The symbol for silk is therefore depicted on the Golden Ducats 2024.
The silk trade on the route to Java
The Golden Ducat 2024 is already the third part of the series “Dutch trading history”. In the 17th century, The Netherlands, better known as the Dutch Republic, experienced an unprecedented blooming period in science and art, but also in trade. By sailing the far east, among other places, new spices, foods and other products were introduced in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.
One of the trade routes of the Dutch ships led to Java, Indonesia, via Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and India. On these routes, several trading posts where settled, which eventually created a huge network. Silk was a very important textile that was mostly shipped from India to the Dutch Republic. This precious product was resold in Europe, but was also frequently purchased by the Dutch elite, who had luxury clothing made from it. In the beginning of the 17th century, silk was a very highly demanded product that made a lot of money.
On the obverse of the Golden Ducat for 2024, you can read the engraved Latin phrase Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt: “Small things flourish by concord” or better known as “Unity makes Strength”. On the reverse the Latin Mo. Aur. Reg. Belgii Ad Legem Imperii is found: “Gold coin of the Kingdom of the Netherlands by law of the Empire”. On the right you can find the symbol for silk. On the reverse, a knight in armour can be discovered, designed by engraver Johan Willem Marmé. Marmé was the engraver of the provincial and urban Mint of Utrecht from 1763 until 1795.
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Article number 0118492
Metal Gold
Content 983/1000
Weight 3,494 g
Diameter 21 mm
Edge Cable
Quality Proof
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