Splinter Chabot mints the very first 50 years recognition COC commemorative coin

Royal Dutch Mint | 27 September 202

Amsterdam – Today, writer Splinter Chabot has minted the 50 years recognition of COC Five Euro Coin. The first strike took place in Hotel Mercier, which was the head quarters of the organization for years. The commemorative coin is designed by Coen van Ham and is commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. Sacretary of State from the Finance department, Marnix van Rij, was also present at the First Strike. The 50 years recognition of COC commemorative coin is directly available at www.royaldutchmint.com.

Third time's the charm
COC is the oldest, still operating LGBTI+ organization in the world. The organization is active in advocacy, equal rights and social acceptance of lesbian, gay, bi+, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI+). Although the COC has already submitted the application for legal personality several times, it is rejected twice due to resistance from political The Hague. A third attempt is successful: on September 19th 1973, COC receives recognition, also known as ‘Royal Approval’ by the Dutch government. This recognition means a lot: it stands for the government’s commitment to equal treatment for everyone.
The 50 years recognition of COC 5 Euro coin  is designed by Coen van Ham. The designer reflects on the development the COC has gone through during the recognition in 1973. The coin was designed as swirling confetti: the different kinds of confetti represent the milestones that the COC has achieved over the years. The commemorative coin is directly available on the Royal Dutch Mint website.