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35th edition Summer Carnival Rotterdam

With swinging issues in unique design

About the Summer Carnival Rotterdam

The Summer Carnival Rotterdam is a tropical carnival party that takes place in Rotterdam since 1984. During this happy festival, many groups from several parts of the world: from the Caribbean and South-America to Africa and Western Europe. This carnival party plays an important role in the growing respect for different cultural traditions in the Netherlands.

The Street Parade

The Street Parade is by far the highlight of the Summer Carnival Rotterdam. It takes place on the last Saturday of July. Several groups participate in the procession: they each have their own music, dancers and singers. The colors from the costumes and the rousing music create a happy vibe. The rousing music definitely make for a happy and cheerful ambiance with both participants and viewers during the 5 kilometer long route.

Intangible Heritage Netherlands

Intangible heritage contains all cultural expressions that give a feeling of identity and continuity. This living form of heritage, which also contains the Summer Carnival Rotterdam, is recorded in the Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Netherlands. This way, intangible heritage is made more visible.