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The Beemster 5 Euro Coin

Celebrate 20 years of UNESCO World Heritage with this official commemorative coin

The Design

The German artist Katrin Korfmann, who lives in Amsterdam, is the designer of the Beemster 5 Euro Coin. She also signed for the Schokland 5 Euro Coin, published in 2018. In the designs of both coins, she emphasizes the contrast between the free, organic form of the natural landscape and the sleek, constructed grid of the polder landscape.
This coin tells the story of the historical polder in the North Holland province, where the Dutch drained lands and converted it to fertile agricultural land. This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Beemster as world heritage!

The obverse of the coin shows the profile of the King, looking to the right: abstract but recognizable. The portrait is depicted in a free line drawing, which serves as a stylistic device that connects the King with the cultivated landscape. In the King's portrait on the Beemster Polder coin, the grid pattern fills the inside of the portrait, connecting it to the landscape on the coin.
The reverse shows The Beemster from above .The landscape, icons and letters are deeper in relation to the landscape, just like the former Beemsterlake was in relation to the surrounding old country. On the Schokland 5 Euro Coin, this was exactly the other way around as a reference to the former island, which stood out above the Zuiderzee.
Various icons run in harmony with the text and the denomination of the coins, evoking references to the cultural values and history of the areas.
The Dutch font Nobel was selected for the text. It has a geometric, sans-serif character, matching the constructed nature of the polder landscape. The font is characterised by its clarity and is clearly readable even in small print. The Nobel font was designed in the 1920s, yet still retains a contemporary appearance. Korfmann worked with Céline Hurka for typography.

Design packaging
The design of the packaging features a section of the landscape of The Beemster; you can see the water being held down by the dike. Next to the dike, you can see a mill. Mills were used in the 17th century to help drain the lands. The image tells us that everyone in The Beemster lives and works below sea level. This unique perception is a symbol for the draining of The Beemsterlake and the importance of our Dutch dikes.

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