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The Golden Age and Pirates

Trade coins in the hands of pirates
The Golden Age describes the century in which the Netherlands was the richest country in the world, but was also the age in which piracy and privateering prospered. Trade ships carried valuable goods and danger was lurking. Not only were the circumstances on the ships often bad because of diseases, malnutrition and vermin, influences from the outside also had a negative impact. Privateers and pirates were on the horizon and they desired to fill their treasure chests with all the Gold and Silver found on trade ships. The Royal Dutch Mint takes you on a journey to the rough seas where no trade coin was safe.
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The Dutch Golden Age and Pirates

  • Piracy in the Golden Age

    In the Golden Age international trade flourished, and with that piracy and privateering reached their high points as well. What is the difference between a pirate and a privateer? And is our image of piracy actually correct?
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  • Trade coins in treasure chests

    Is it true that all trade coins have been in the hands of a pirate at least once in the Golden Age? Read more about the journey from trade coin to pirate’s treasure on this page.
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  • Discover Gold en Silver Ducats

    The Royal Dutch Mint annually strikes Golden and Silver Ducats in commission by the Ministry of Finance. Read more about these special trade coins and their current status here.
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