The Richard Krajicek Issues Are Now on Sale!

The Royal Dutch Mint | 7 June 2021

In a month's time it will be exactly 25 years ago that Richard Krajicek won Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious grand slam tournament in the world. The Royal Dutch Mint is celebrating the anniversary of this admirable achievement with three exclusive issues. The Richard Krajicek issues are now on sale.

Richard Krajicek
On 7 July 1996, Richard Krajicek became the first (and so far is still the only) Dutch man ever to win the Wimbledon Singles Final. Since then, Krajicek continues to exert a positive sporting influence on society. After his victory at Wimbledon, he founded the Krajicek Foundation, with the aim of motivating youth in disadvantaged neighbourhoods to develop a healthy lifestyle. He is also the founder of the annual King's Games: a festive event of sports and play in which an average of 1.2 million children participate. The Royal Dutch Mint proudly reflects on Krajicek's achievements and influence with three special issues.
Luxury Packaging
The Richard Krajicek medal is available in coincard, silver and gold. Krajicek himself can be admired on the obverse, surrounded by a laurel wreath of his beloved tennis rackets and balls. The text emphasises the anniversary: “25th Anniversary”, “Wimbledon Champion 1996”. The reverse shows a tennis ball with Richard Krajicek’s signature. In addition to the medal, the coin card also contains a 20 and 5 cents to symbolise the 25th anniversary. The silver and gold issues come in a luxurious ceramic tennis ball packaging manufactured by Royal Delft. Moreover, the gold medal has an exclusive reverse with an exact copy of the Wimbledon trophy. View the issues on our website now!