Tom and Jerry receive special medal in cinema

The Royal Dutch Mint | 18 February 2021

Last year was a festive year for Tom and Jerry: they celebrated their 80th anniversary! The Royal Dutch Mint has designed a special issue in honour of the famous cat and mouse. Today, the animation duo travelled to Utrecht to receive the first copies.

80 years of Tom and Jerry
In collaboration with Warner Bros Consumer Products, the Royal Dutch Mint has launched a unique issue in honour of Tom and Jerry’s 80th anniversary. The comical, short animation movies of Tom and Jerry focus on the frustrated attempts of the cat Tom to catch the mouse Jerry. In their newest adventure, the movie “Tom & Jerry”, the two are forced to try something unimaginable… they have to work together! The movie will hit theatres in the Netherlands on 21 April. Today, the two were once again prepared to settle their argument temporarily in order to receive the first golden copy of the extraordinary Tom and Jerry medal.

An innovative issue
The issue is minted with an innovative multiview technique, showing two images. If you tilt the medal to the left, you see Jerry’s portrait, and tilted to the right, you see Tom’s. The reverse of the issue shows the official 80th anniversary logo. The 80 years of Tom and Jerry issue is available in two editions: a festively illustrated coincard and in 24 carat gold, encased in a luxurious window case. The golden edition is strictly limited to 80 pieces.