Xandra and Lola Brood Have Struck the First Herman Brood Issue on His 75th Birthday

The Royal Dutch Mint | 5 November 2021

Today, on Herman Brood's 75th birthday, widow Xandra and daughter Lola Brood struck the first issue in honour of the deceased artist. The ceremonial First Strike took place outside the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. The Herman Brood issues, minted by the Royal Dutch Mint, can be ordered at royaldutchmint.com/hermanbrood

This year artist Herman Brood would have turned 75. Moreover, it has been twenty years since he ended his life. As a tribute to the well-known artist, the Royal Dutch Mint has launched three exclusive issues and an augmented reality experience. The first copy of the Herman Brood issue was minted with a historic crank press by Xandra and Lola Brood for the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam.
Herman Brood
Herman Brood is mainly known among the Dutch and international public for his musical and creative talent. He made music and drawings from an early age. His biggest musical success was the band Herman Brood & His Wild Romance and the hit Saturday Night. In addition, Brood was a talented artist. His visual art is generally characterized by large canvases with bright colours made with an aerosol. He also made many pen drawings. Brood ended his life on 11 July 2001.
Hang a “Brood” in Your Home!
In addition to the three issues, the Royal Dutch Mint has also developed an augmented reality experience in collaboration with tech company VR Owl. Through the camera, the experience places Brood's artwork The Beat Goes On and pen drawings selected by Xandra Brood in the space in which the user is located. The AR experience is free and can be used by anyone with a smartphone via the web link www.brood75.nl.

Design and Mintage
The Royal Dutch Mint has made three issues in honour of Brood's 75th birthday: an issue in coincard and a silver issue with colour, packed in a thematic case including a Certificate of Authenticity. In addition, an extra-large silver issue has been minted, with a diameter of 60 mm. This issue is enamelled by hand by the silversmiths of the Royal Dutch Mint and has a very limited mintage of 75 pieces, which symbolises the 75th birthday of Brood.