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Information on the Royal Dutch Mint

About the Royal Dutch Mint

Since 1567, the Royal Dutch Mint is the only producer of Dutch circulating coins. It is an innovative and internationally oriented company dealing in added-value products, rooted in a 450 years’ tradition. Innovative developments of recent years are laser and 3D techniques on coins, which enable, for instance, applying holographic elements or security features. The Royal Dutch Mint belongs to the global top 5 producers of circulating coins, commemorative coins and collector’s items. Since 2020, the company is located in “The Dutch Vault” in Houten.

About the Mint Building

The Royal Dutch Mint is housed in the monumental Mint Building in Utrecht, in the centre of the Netherlands. The impressive façade dominates the appearance of the building. This architectural style is referred to as Dutch Neo-Renaissance; a design that was popular in the late 19th century and which harks back to the glory of the Dutch Golden Age (1600-1700).

The Royal Dutch Mint. Perfection in every detail. Since 1567.