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Harry Potter ‘Mirror Coin’

First edition 'Mirror Coin' with innovative reflection technique

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  • Commemorative coins

    The Royal Dutch Mint produces all official Dutch commemorative coins in various collectors qualities.
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  • Business to Business

    In addition to coins, the Royal Dutch Mint produces, in collaboration with its commercial partners, medals, savings programs, promotional gifts and all kinds of tailor-made products.
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  • Coin Production

    Our dynamic organisation is globally at the forefront in the sector of premium quality coin products. 
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For 450 years the official producer of Dutch coins

Since 1567 the Dutch coins have been minted in Utrecht. In addition, the Royal Dutch Mint has produced circulation money for more than 40 Central Banks worldwide. Through this age-long experience, we dare to call ourselves mint experts. In addition to striking circulation money, we are there for the (inter) national collector market with coins, medals and coin-related products.