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Silver Ducats: Dutch Castles series

“Dutch Castles” is the title of a Silver Ducat series by the Royal Dutch Mint. On each issue a different Dutch castle is depicted. In the Netherlands, many impressive castles can be found that righteously earned their place on these Silver Ducats. In total, twelve castles are chosen that are eternalised in this beautiful series. Each castle has its own history and background story and might have even known extraordinary inhabitants or special visitors. Read more about them on our page Dutch Castles.

Although a different castle is depicted on each Silver Ducat in the series, there is also a recurring character. The Dutch Mint Act prescribes that each Silver Ducat should depict a knight in armour. Field Marshal Godard de Ginkell (Godard van Reede) is shown on the foreground of each castle as the armoured knight. Godard de Ginkell is an important historical figure; this knight has an extensive background story and righteously decorates the obverse of the Silver Ducats. Read more about Ginkell’s services on our page. Ginkell’s shield shows the weapon of each Dutch province where the castle is located, which connects this historic Field Marshal to the castle he defends.
Silver Ducats are commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. All Silver Ducats in the series are supplied in luxury packaging and include a Certificate of Authenticity with inside information about the castle. 

Recent issues

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    The series “Dutch Castles” has twelve issues and features castles found throughout the Netherlands. Much can be told about Dutch castles and knights. What exactly is a castle? Who lived in castles, how were they defended and what is their use today? Learn more about it on this page!
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  • Knights & castles

    The obverse of a Silver Ducat is recognisable by a returning character: the armoured knight. Knights are often named in the same sentence as castles. Although knights are no longer among us, beautiful old castles keep their memory alive. Knights have a fascinating history, which you can read about here.
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  • Silver Ducats

    The Royal Dutch Mint has launched two series of Silver Ducats, the first of which is “The twelve provinces”. A historical figure from each Dutch province features in this series. The second series “Dutch castles” shows twelve castles that can be found in the Netherlands.
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