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50 years recognition COC 5 Euro Coin

Organization for the LGBTI+ community received Royal approval in 1973

COC The Netherlands

COC is the oldest, still operating LGBTI+ organization in the world. COC was founded in 1946 as the Shakespeare Club, because of the taboo on homosexuality at that time. In 1973, COC officially received Royal approval, after several failed attempts. The new coin is the opposite of a taboo and proves the long way COC has come and the steps that have been taken. 

The designer

The 50 years recognition of COC 5 Euro Coin was designed by Coen van Ham. He was inspired by the milestones that COC the Netherlands have reached in 50 years of recognition. These milestones are transformed into confetti and showed on the coin as such. The coin is a celebration of equal rights, emancipation and social acceptance.