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The Beemster 5 Euro Coin

Celebrate 20 years of UNESCO World Heritage with this official commemorative coin
  • Discover The Beemster

    The Beemster 5 Euro Coin tells the story of the historic polder in the province of Noord-Holland, where the Dutch drained the Beemsterlake and converted it into fertile agricultural land. This year, Droogmakerij de Beemster is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Read on and discover The Beemster...
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  • Are you living under water?

    In The Beemster, everyone lives and works under sea level, not unlike many others in The Netherlands. It’s because of the dikes, that we can keep our land dry. A large part of The Netherlands would flood if we didn’t have our active water- and dike management. Are you living under water?
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  • The Design

    The German artist Katrin Korfmann, who lives in Amsterdam, is the designer of the Beemster 5 Euro Coin. She also signed for the Schokland 5 Euro Coin, published in 2018. In the designs of both coins, she emphasizes the contrast between the free, organic form of the natural landscape and the sleek, constructed grid of the polder landscape.
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