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The Beemster 5 Euro Coin

Celebrate 20 years of UNESCO World Heritage with this official commemorative coin

Are you living under water?

In The Beemster, everyone lives and works under sea level, not unlike many others in The Netherlands. It’s because of the dikes, that we can keep our land dry. A large part of The Netherlands would flood if we didn’t have our active water- and dike management. This would have great consequences for a large part of the population.

It is of great importance that this topic continues to receive national and public attention and that’s why the campaign ‘Are your feet dry when the dikes break?’ has gone live. In the video below, you can witness The Beemster and what would happen if the dikes in The Netherlands would break.
Beemster 5 Euro Coin
The design of the packaging features a section of the landscape of The Beemster; you can see the water being held down by the dike. Next to the dike, you can see a mill. Mills were used in the 17th century to help drain the lands. The image tells us that everyone in The Beemster lives and works below sea level. This unique perception is a symbol for the draining of The Beemsterlake and the importance of our Dutch dikes. If the dikes break, there’s a chance your city could be under water. If you order one of the Beemster 5 Euro Coins, you will receive a free sea level map, which shows the Netherlands and the various sea levels per city.
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