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Official Restrike “Scheepjesschelling”

Historical trade coin comes to life again!

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The craft of Royal Leerdam Crystal

The restrikes of the “Scheepjesschelling” in gold are found in a luxury coin holder by Royal Leerdam Crystal. The elegant, crystal coin holder is one of the last products manufactured by Royal Leerdam Crystal, which shut down all glass-making facilities in Leerdam in August 2020.

Production process crystal coin holder
The crystal coin holders are manufactured piece by piece by the master glassblowers of Royal Leerdam Crystal. The coin holder consists of two wavy parts which fit together perfectly. They are made out of the clear Cristal Supérieur: Europe's purest crystal. The special design brings to life the ship on the obverse of the Scheepjesschelling. When you look inside the coin holder, the ship is actually sailing the seas. It’s breathtaking!