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Official Restrike: “Scheepjesschelling” 2024 Gold – Piedfort Edition

  • With the same diameter as the original coin from 1706!
  • In unique Piedfort thickness
  • Strictly limited issue, only 10 pieces!
  • With Certificate of Authenticity
 Delivery from February 2024
Detailed description and specifications
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€ 3199,95

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The golden ‘Scheepjesschelling’ 2024  – Piedfort Edition is available now! This pure golden coin is a restrike of the ‘Scheepjesschelling’ from 1706. This coin was minted in the province of Gelderland. This was one of the last ones to minting this coin. This happened in the 18th century, around the same time as the provinces Utrecht and Zeeland. The golden Scheepjesschelling 2024 – Piedfort Edition is minted in the highest possible Proof Quality.
Due to many inferior shillings, it was decided by the Dutch Republic to mint higher quality shillings. This new and improved shilling had a silver content of 538/1000 and quickly became a success, also because it became an accepted coin internationally. The coin proved to be very popular, especially in the trading with the East, which created the name ‘Scheepjesschelling’. Today, restrikes of this coin are very popular. The golden ‘Scheepjesschelling’ is sold out quickly!
The gold restrike – Piedfort Edition has the same diameter as the original Gelderland Scheepjesschelling, but is twice as thick. Traditionally, Piedfort coins were used as a way of showing wealth and power. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, rulers across Europe started the tradition of giving “prestige pieces” to members of their court. Nowadays, Piedfort coins are real collector’s items. This gold restrike of the Scheepjesschelling is twice as thick and therefore twice as special!
The obverse of the golden ‘Scheepjesschelling’ 2024 – Piedfort Edition from Gelderland shows a warship. Around the ship is a Latin legend: VIGILATE.DEO.CONFIDENTES’, which means ‘Trusting on God’. The reverse of the golden coin shows the provincial coat of arms of Gelderland and the inscription ‘MO.ARG.ORD:DVC.GELETCZ’. which means: New coin for the Duchy of Gelderland and the County of Zutphen.
For the golden ‘Scheepjesschelling’, the Royal Dutch Mint always wants to create a special packaging. The golden ‘Scheepjesschelling’ 2024 – Piedfort Edition will be delivered in a see-through packaging, made of casted acrylic. In the middle is the coin, with around it a piece of cotton robe with a diameter of 10 mm: this is a reference to the popularity of the coin in overseas trading.

Article number 0118311
Metal Gold
Content 999/1000
Weight 22.58 g
Diameter 29 mm
Edge Serrated
Quality Proof
Mintage 10