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Who says your coin collection can't keep up with the times? Discover a new world of NFTs at the Royal Dutch Mint and further expand your (digital) collection with unique collectables. Want to know more? Discover all the information here and take a step towards your very first NFT from the Royal Dutch Mint. 
What is an NFT? 
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. An NFT serves as a digital certificate that proves your ownership over a unique item in the online world. This could be an image, artwork, music or video. This file proves authenticity of this digital object. The proof of authenticity is additionally linked to your own crypto wallet. The digital key in your wallet is proof the NFT is your property.The proof of your ownership is also on the blockchain.  
The blockchain is a distributed, secure, and public database where data is stored. This database stores information in the form of "blocks". Each block contains a list of data or transactions. A blockchain is managed by a network of computers: every computer in this network has a copy of this blockchain. Every transaction or change must be approved before it is added. This makes the blockchain very well protected against fraud. 
Why are NFTs interesting? 
At the Royal Dutch Mint, we believe that an NFT is a great contribution to an existing product. This is the reason we decided to launch exclusive NFT’s for the first time in our long company history. We work together with several parties to offer you something extra, without you having to pay for it. You will receive the NFT free of charge with the product that is linked to it. With an NFT, you have the possibility to add a unique and digital collector’s item to your collection. An exclusive NFT strengthens the story we want to tell and offers you something extra. You can decide for yourself if you want to do something with the NFT.
NFTs at the RDM 
At the Royal Dutch Mint we create and innovate. That is why we recently created NFTs, which are linked to a special subject. With your purchase of a coincard, which is linked to an NFT project, you will receive a QR code. This QR code is your ticket to an NFT. The NFT’s are randomly linked to the coincard, this means you don’t know which one you will get. You may get the most exclusive NFT that is available. The metadata of the NFTs are stored using IPFS. You view your NFTs easily and quickly via the widget on the web page. 
How to claim your NFT:
- Remove the security sticker from the coincard that covers your QR code. 
- Open the camera app on your device and hold it over the QR code to scan it. 
- When you scan the QR code you will be redirected to our website and given the option to login through various channels. 
- Once you have signed up and logged in, you can claim the NFT. 
- An NFT can only be claimed once. After this, the QR code cannot be used again! 
- By logging in via the widget at the bottom right of your screen, you can always find, view and transfer your NFTs.


For the first time in the history of the Royal Dutch Mint: claim your free NFT after purchasing the coincard

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