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Gold Coins

Gold Coins

The valuable precious gold metal has been used for more than 2,500 years for the production of coins. Even until the 20th century, gold coins were used regularly. Nowadays they mainly serve as a collection or investment item.

The Single and Double Golden Ducats have been part of the Dutch Mint Act for more than 4 centuries. The Royal Dutch Mint still strikes these special historical gold coins every year. The official Dutch commemorative coins are also still issued in gold.

The Royal Dutch Mint makes the collection of Gold Coins extra accessible with the Smallest Gold Coins collection. With this collection you collect authentic Pure Gold (999/1000) payment methods. The coins in the highest quality Proof are among the most sought after collectables in the world and are attractively priced due to their size.

The issues that you find at the Royal Dutch Mint are in different levels and qualities of Gold. The majority is made pure gold. Find your pick here.