Vision and Mission


The national government is responsible - in a European context – for meeting the public demand for circulating currency. The Royal Dutch Mint is entrusted with the execution of this task.

Coins represent far more than merely a means of payment. They also have a cultural and historical value, as well as an emotional one. The issue of commemorative coins makes a positive contribution to the regional, national and international sentiments among citizens.
The Royal Dutch Mint is committed to excellence through serving national and international markets with coin products distinctive in their reliability, innovation, quality and artistic value.

The Royal Dutch Mint attaches great importance to long-term relationships with its clients, including private collectors, national and international businesses.

The Royal Dutch Mint consistently strives to create an inspiring work environment as a prerequisite for employing dynamic individuals of all ages with relevant knowledge and expertise, and thus enabling them to further their professional development.



The mission of the Royal Dutch Mint is to further strengthen its position on the European market as a producer and distributor of coins, medals and related products. Both for collectors and businesses.

Through clear communication and customer-oriented acting, the Royal Dutch Mint aims at welcoming new customers and tightening the relationship with existing customers.

The Royal Dutch Mint strives for the finest quality of design, production, promotion and distribution of coins and related products and services.