25 Years of Pride Amsterdam Medal in Coincard

25 Years of Pride Amsterdam Medal in Coincard

25 years of pride amsterdam medal in coincard - Royal Dutch mint

  • In collaboration with Pride Amsterdam and the Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Colourful coincard with the characteristic rainbow flag
  • Part of the series “Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands”
  • Part of the Dutch Coincard Catalog
  • Limited mintage of 5,000 coincards

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Certified Member of Thuiswinkel Waarborg

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Pride Amsterdam celebrates their 25th anniversary! The Royal Dutch Mint proudly launches an exclusive coincard in honour of the anniversary. The issue is part of the series “Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands”.
Pride Amsterdam
The Netherlands has a rich history when it comes to acceptance and tolerance of the LGBTIQ+ community. For example, we were the first country to open civil marriage to same-sex couples (since 2001) and where Pride is on an Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage (since 2019). Pride Amsterdam is organised annually to celebrate freedom and diversity and at the same time draw attention to those who cannot yet enjoy that freedom in the Netherlands (think of bicultural and transgender people). Moreover, the festival considers the situation in countries where homosexuality is still punishable by law. The festival strives for an inclusive society in which sex, gender or orientation are irrelevant. Be who you are, love who you want!
Colourful Design
The colourful coincard shows the diversity of Amsterdam Pride in photos. Everyone unites to show support for the LGBTIQ+ community. In addition, the rainbow flag features prominently on the coincard. This flag symbolises the entire LGBTIQ+ community and can be seen everywhere at Pride Amsterdam. The flag is therefore also depicted on the front of the medal. A fist militantly holds the flag; although in recent years we have come a long way on LGBTIQ+ rights, the fight for acceptance is not over yet. In addition, the text “Pride Amsterdam 25 Years” is inscribed on the obverse. The reverse shows the logo of the Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands.
More Information
Article number 0111619
Metal Cu/Ni
Weight 15,5 g
Diameter 33,0 mm
Edge Smooth
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage 5.000