Commemorative Coins

Miniature works of art with historical significance

The Royal Dutch Mint receives a great deal of international acclaim for its technical innovations, artistic designs and state-of-the-art production facilities with regard to commemorative coins. As a World First Class address for banks, the Royal Dutch Mint assists clients around the world with the production of commemorative coins. In addition to this, valuable assistance is provided when selecting the correct packaging options or even for marketing the coins using the most modern marketing techniques.

Commemorative coins are designed as aesthetically pleasing miniature works of art with great historical significance. Commemorative coins have been designed and minted in-house by the Royal Dutch Mint for many years. Initially, they were designed to mark important moments such as the coronation of a new monarch or a new royal portrait, but increasingly also to mark historic events or individuals in iconic style. A commemorative coin is far more than merely the result of a high-quality design and production process; coins embody an important cultural and historical value, as well as an emotional one. 

Coins have also been valued as desirable collectors objects for many years. The Royal Dutch Mint has also acquired an international reputation in this area as a result of its activities in purchasing and selling old coins and medals, related services, and its close cooperation with larger trade partners.  
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