Core Values


Our products are limitless and so is our vision on innovations. We are continuously looking for and finding improvements in efficiency, application and recycling of materials, safety, production processes and service. The Mint Master and collaborators of the Royal Dutch Mint are internationally renowned for their adequate and professional solutions to complicated issues and for the valuable innovations. The result: sustainable and effective innovations focused on product quality and the interests of the customer, for more than 400 years already.


Cooperation is our creed. The Royal Dutch Mint creates all its high-quality products in close consultation with the customer. The cooperation with national and international partners, suppliers, designers, distributors and many others, ensures the premium quality of our products and services. In this field we also benefit daily from our long-standing knowledge and experience.


The function and value of coins are of great importance in a modern society. Craftmanship and passion play a major role in the production process of our coins, regardless of type, function or purpose. The approach of the Royal Dutch Mint combines this with profound knowledge and a high degree of integrity. Respect for all agreements made, guarantees continuity for us and our customers. Ever since 1567.


Our employees and business partners contribute mutually and unconditionally to the quality of our products and customer’s satisfaction. Our employees appreciate the offered opportunities for personal development. Empathy and understanding towards customers enables the Royal Dutch Mint to deliver high-quality products. We take up a prominent position in the world of value and money. Our people, products and service deliver on all promises, yet since more than four centuries.