Independent advice on the best solution

The Royal Dutch Mint produces the entire range of Dutch circulation coins. The Royal Dutch Mint also applies its knowledge and experience in this area to support central banks across the world. For example, support is offered prior to introducing new circulation coins, designing new coins, choosing optimal security features, achieving cost savings and collecting and recycling old circulation coins.

As the cost of raw materials has risen considerably in recent years, central banks are increasingly unwilling to produce new circulation coins in copper, nickel, zinc or tin alloys. Nowadays, modern coins are more frequently made from alternative materials such as steel or stainless steel galvanized with copper, messing or nickel. On the one hand, the material costs of these coins are less expensive to produce; on the other, they represent a lower residual value when they approach the end of their life cycle and are taken out of circulation.

The Royal Dutch Mint has in recent years invested in scientific research, process development and new production methods. The valuable knowledge and experience gained in this process is made available when advising central banks worldwide on the production of their circulation coins.

An important element of added value for clients is the independent position that the Royal Dutch Mint occupies in the market. As there are no alliances or interdependent relationships with raw material suppliers or other parties in the market, the requirements of the client can always be given top priority and the most optimal solution recommended.