Custom-made medals and tokens

Among others, the Royal Dutch Mint has produced for:

A medal for every occasion
Completely custom-made medals are an aesthetic and tangible memento to an event or special occasion. Think of, for instance, a business anniversary or the centenary of a city. Whatever the occasion, the Royal Dutch Mint is the right partner for the design and production of such medals. Clients can choose from many different materials and options. You can bring your own design or entrust it to our experts.

Tokens: safe and practical
Tokens are being used increasingly in branches like recreation and vending, but also in bars and restaurants and at festivals. They offer extra security; sales take place at a secured central point, thus avoiding the presence of cash money and robbery of cash machines. Moreover, prices are easily variable, without costly adjustments to the tokens.

Tokens with logo
Tokens also help avoiding misuse by limiting their validity (to a location or in time). Moreover, non- returned or unspent tokens form an extra source of income. We can produce your customised tokens with your own logo. For instance, think of shower or parking tokens.

More revenues with tokens
Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, practical experience on various locations learns, that the use of tokens leads to an increase of revenues by 20 to 50% as compared to using electronic payment methods.

Medals of honour: from initial idea to full realisation
Many are the occasions for handing out a medal of honour. The Royal Dutch Mint produces medals of honour for State institutions, businesses and associations. From the first sketch to full realisation, including luxurious gift boxes bearing your logo and certificate of authenticity.

Dog tags of any kind, size and colour
The Royal Dutch Mint produces each year dog tags for many municipalities. Almost anything is possible when it comes to types and sizes. They can be produced in a different colour each year, if so desired. This makes it easier to check whether the dog tax for the current year has been paid. Another option is to number the tags (consecutively) for each year.

Have your own medal
Are you interested in having your own medal, for whatever occasion? We will gladly make you an offer. In order to be able to make you a detailed offer, we would appreciate receiving the following information by e-mail (
• The desired amount
• The type of metal: silver- or gold-coloured
• The desired diameter and thickness in millimetres
• Your choice for a one-sided or double-sided design
To make the offer completely accurate, we also need a sketch or picture of the desired design. Don’t forget to state your name and phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible.