50 years Pinkpop Medal in coincard

50 years Pinkpop Medal in coincard

50 years pinkpop medal in coincard - Royal Dutch mint

  • Unique issue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the oldest, still existing, pop festival in the world: Pinkpop!
  • The design of the most memorable image of Pinkpop comes to life in 3D
  • Your memento of the legendary Pinkpop
  • Part of the official Coincard Catalog
  • Brilliant Uncirculated quality
  • Exclusively minted by the Royal Dutch Mint
Detailed description and specifications

Authenticity checked by experts

The producer of Dutch coins for more than 450 years

Certified Member of Thuiswinkel Waarborg

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On the front the most recognizable image of the festival comes to life in 3D: the doll of Pinkpop! With special modeling work the curls, the details and the depth in the portrait look beautiful.

Pop music has been characterized for years by bands with the guitar as main instrument. The logo of the 50th anniversary edition of Pinkpop is in the shape of a guitar with beautiful details; also the Pinkpop girl and the jubilee number 50 are incorporated in it. The writing contains the jubilee number, the year of the very first Pinkpop edition and the locations where the festival took place: 50 YEARS PINKPOP FESTIVAL. EST. 1970 and GELEEN.BAARLO.LANDGRAAF.
Photography coincard: Bart Heemskerk

Ceremonial Strike
Pinkpop founder Jan Smeets performed the Ceremonial Strike with the historical press in the middle of the Megaland festival site. Jan Smeets minted a unique gold plated issue in honor of the golden jubilee.
More Information
Article number 0104799
Metal Cu/Ni
Weight 15,5 g
Diameter 33,0 mm
Edge Smooth
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage 6.000