Annual Set The Netherlands 2021 UNC quality

Annual Set The Netherlands 2021 UNC quality

annual set the netherlands 2021 unc quality - Royal Dutch mint

Discover the highlights of Utrecht 
  • The only Annual Set The Netherlands in UNC quality
  • Unique opportunity! No Dutch euro coins of 2021 will go into circulation
  • Previous sets in the “Dutch Cities” series are completely sold out!
  • Limited to 17,500 sets
  • Part of the National Collection®
Detailed description and specifications

Authenticity checked by experts

The producer of Dutch coins for more than 450 years

Certified Member of Thuiswinkel Waarborg

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In 2021, DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) has not commissioned any new Dutch euro coins as there are enough in circulation already. Therefore, you will not find any Dutch 2021 euro coins in your wallet. With the Annual Sets of the Royal Dutch Mint you can still get your hands on all eight Dutch euro coins of 2021. A unique opportunity! The Annual Set The Netherlands 2021 in UNC quality is the fifth and final part of the successful series “Dutch Cities” and centres on the city of Utrecht. Complete the series today!

Discover Utrecht
With more than 350,000 inhabitants, the centrally located city of Utrecht is the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands. The old and characteristic city centre is known for its wharf cellars along the many canals. The monumental Gothic Dom Tower (Utrecht’s pride and joy) is visible from almost every point in the city centre. The city offers many activities for all ages. Go shopping in the brand new Hoog Catharijne mall, or move your feet in the famous music venue TivoliVredenburg. Little ones can explore the Miffy Museum. The Muntgebouw, which acted as the Royal Dutch Mint’s residence until March 2020, is also found in Utrecht.
Uncirculated (UNC)
Coins struck for circulation purposes, but never actually brought into circulation, are called “uncirculated” (UNC). The coins are collected in a metal reservoir. In 2021, no Dutch euro coins will be brought into circulation, so you will not find these coins in your change! The Annual Set The Netherlands in UNC quality contains all eight Dutch euro coins of 2021.
More Information
Article number 0111533
Metal Various
Quality Uncirculated
Nominal value 3.88 euro
Mintage 17.500