Anton Geesink 5 Euro Coin 2021 BU-quality in Coincard

Anton Geesink 5 Euro Coin 2021 BU-quality in Coincard

anton geesink 5 euro coin 2021 bu-quality in coincard - Royal Dutch mint

Official 5 euro commemorative coin honouring the world-famous judoka Anton Geesink 
  • In BU-quality: extra shiny coins
  • Supplied in unique numbered coincard packaging
  • Part of the Dutch Coincard Catalog and the National Collection®
  • The Anton Geesink 5 Euro Coin is strictly limited!
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Anthonius Johannes (Anton) Geesink (1934-2010) gained worldwide fame 60 years ago when he became the first non-Japanese to win the World Judo Championship in the heaviest weight division. Many victories and prizes followed, including two more world titles, twenty-one European Championships and a gold medal at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Royal Dutch Mint has therefore minted an official commemorative coin, in commission by the Ministry of Finance: the Anton Geesink 5 Euro Coin.
Anton Geesink’s Legacy
Anton Geesink has also left his mark on judo beyond his athletic achievements. He took several initiatives to make the complex rules of judo more understandable. For example, keeping the score has been simplified. Furthermore, he invented he contrasting colours of the opponents. Nowadays, instead of two white uniforms, one wears white and the other blue. This makes the competitions much better to follow for the referee and the audience. After winning his Olympic title, Geesink opened his own gym in Utrecht, where he also gave classes himself. The street where the gym is located was named the “Anton Geesinkstraat”. The judoka has also been monumentalized as a statue in Wijk C, the neighbourhood in Utrecht where Geesink was born. And now the sports icon is being honoured with his own commemorative coin!
The Design
The Anton Geesink 5 Euro Coin was designed by artist Malin Persson. Judo is inextricably linked to Japan and this was a great source of inspiration for Persson. King Willem-Alexander is depicted on the obverse, with a beard. His head is encircled by the symbol of the “Kodokan”, the first judo school that was ever founded in Tokyo in 1882. On the reverse Anton Geesink is shown during his victory at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. In full concentration he holds his opponent down in a headlock. The circles symbolize the twenty seconds in which the headlock must be held to win the game. Moreover, the circles indicate a rising sun. Japan is also called the “Land of the Rising Sun”.
Through the years, the Netherlands has brought forth many sports legends. In the last few years sport icons Jaap Eden (2019) and Fanny Blankers-Koen (2018) have been honoured with a commemorative coin. This year, it is the turn of world-famous judoka Anton Geesink. The Anton Geesink 5 Euro Coin is minted in commission by the Ministry of Finance.
More Information
Article number 0111002
Metal Silver plated copper
Weight 10,50 g
Diameter 29,0 mm
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Nominal value 5 euros
Mintage 12.500