Belgium 2 Euro Coin 2024 “Fight against cancer in Belgium” Proof in Case

Belgium 2 Euro Coin 2024 “Fight against cancer in Belgium” Proof in Case

Belgium 2 Euro Coin 2024 “Fight against cancer in Belgium” Proof in Case

  • Official issue celebrating Fight against cancer in Belgium
  • Limited mintage of only 5,000 coins
  • In the highest quality Proof
  • Delivered in luxury case including a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Available end of May

Detailed description and specifications

Authenticity checked by experts

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Certified Member of Thuiswinkel Waarborg

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Fight against cancer in Belgium 

Since its inception, mankind has known innumerable plagues and ailments, which for years and even centuries seemed totally incurable, but which have subsequently been consigned in whole or in part to history. Someday - and perhaps much sooner than thought - we may and should succeed in curbing Cancer, too, in its many variants.

The sky is slowly clearing 

In recent years, science has made spectacular advances in the fight against cancer, increasing survival rates and extending lifespans. Although a diagnosis can be particularly harsh and the road to a cure can be quite tough, we should certainly not lose heart. More than ever, we must dare to take a positive approach to confronting cancer. Here, not only the specific input of the oncologist, but also the support of the psychologist and physiotherapist plays an invaluable role. Without forgetting the precious help of the caregiver or volunteer, of course. 

Fighting cancer in Belgium for 100 years

Under the patronage of Queen Elisabeth, the National Belgian League Against Cancer was founded in 1924, from which both the Foundation Against Cancer and Fight Against Cancer later emerged. One hundred years ago, the foundations were thus laid for the permanent fight against cancer and for patient support in Belgium, which has been continued over the years by other organisations and movements. Extensive media attention for cancer as well as a lot of initiatives that have arisen around it provide considerable support. 

Besides the Foundation Against Cancer and Fight Against Cancer, more recent movements such as Télévie also play a fundamental role in releasing funds for medical research and supporting patients and their families. Thanks to the numerous campaigns in our country by all these organisations, there has been a renewed sense of purpose and willingness to participate in everyday life. Indeed, these initiatives have made people with cancer today feel much closer to events, benefits or information sessions organised especially for them, creating a heartwarming sense of belonging among all the fellow sufferers facing this unpredictable disease.

A coin with a mission

With this second, and last, 2024 2-euro coin, the Royal Mint of Belgium does not merely want to commemorate the extensive history of the fight against cancer in our country. This issue also constitutes a concrete expression of gratitude to all the professionals and volunteers who have dedicated themselves for years to assist people medically and morally in what may be called the most difficult moment of their lives. With this coin, we also want to draw permanent attention to the need for support for patients and their families in various areas.

The obverse shows a stylised rainbow as a symbol of hope for a cancer-free world, with the country and year BE 2024. At the centre is the representation of a heartbeat in the form of an awareness ribbon often pinned to express our solidarity with the patient. At the bottom is the bilingual inscription Lutte contre le cancer - Fight against cancer, surrounded by the initials IB of designer Iris Bruijns, the mintmaster's mark (Erlenmeyer flask with aster) and the mintmaster's mark of the Royal Dutch Mint (the Mercury staff).  

... in two fine versions!

This last 2-euro coin of 2024 is offered to you in Briliant Uncirculated (BU) and in Proof quality. The BU issue comes in a colourful coincard and is as original as the design of the enclosed coin. If you wish, you can also opt for our Proof version. 

The limited edition of only 5,000 pieces makes this luxury issue a particularly sought-after collector's item that will also be in great demand outside our country. Proof or BU, the choice is yours. 

Or maybe you would like to order both versions? Not a bad idea!

More Information
Article number 0118055
Metal Cupronickel / Brass
Weight 8,50 g
Diameter 25,75 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage 5.000
Designer Iris Bruijns